About Me

17522848_10154191027021386_7056879208457996639_n.jpgHi, I’m Nadia and I’ve recently joined the world of the spoonies! I’m the author behind ‘Living With A Lupus Life Sentence,’ a personal blog about my Lupus and Fibromyalgia diagnosis and the daily struggles of living with a chronic illness in your twenties.

When I’m not popping pills, I can be found looking at various rescue centres and trying to compel my other half into adding furry editions to our family. Because after all, what’s a house without 100 dogs?

This blog is not all doom and gloom, I try to be open and honest about my experiences with Lupus in the hopes that my journey will  help others and raise awareness, but I also focus on other aspects on my life including my obsession with my four legged friends, planning our wedding next year and other random stuff! Enjoy xoxox

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