The Wolf in Me… Hear us Howl on World Lupus Day.

What kind of Lupus blogger would I be if I didn’t do a blog about World Lupus Day?!… Exactly! So here’s my two pennies worth…


Did you know that the word “Lupus” is the Latin word for “Wolf?” Back in the 1200s the term Lupus was coined by physician Rogerius who used it to describe the erosive facial lesions. One theory says that the Lupus facial rash resembles the bite marks of a wolf attack, whilst the other theory argues that the frightening facial marks which emerge with Lupus, were similar to the distinctive marks on the wolves faces themselves! Personally, I’m not sure which version we are supposed to find more appealing? We either look like Wolves ourselves or we look like we’ve been attacked by Wolves? Hmmmm…

How about a new theory all together in aid of World Lupus Day?….

I believe that the word “Lupus” meaning “Wolf”,  connotes the Spiritual animal of those of us diagnosed. Think I’m going crazy? How many of you with Lupus has ever felt like a ‘lone wolf?’ Utterly alone with your disease, with no chance of gaining relational support from anyone within the same postcode area as you. “Lone wolves” must learn to fend for themselves, without any help from affiliating social groups, ultimately demanding that they must become stronger to survive. Sound familiar? After your diagnosis, you’re sent off into the unknown with a long prescription of multiple drugs that may or may not work and told not to Google “Lupus” because it will scare you shitless. After comprehending that your extremely rare condition means that your immune system is trying to destroy your vital organs, joints and tissues, you’re left with no one to turn to but the man in the moon (which you WILL do because of the insomnia that comes with Lupus…howlllllll!)

However wolves are also extremely strong by nature and as Lupus suffers, this resonates with us too. We spend everyday of our lives fighting a seemingly impossible fight, but we never give up! We become more resilient in the face of all our problems and continue to show strength and determination to fight for a cure we are yet to receive. We to have a wild thirst and deep desire for freedom from this curse.

Wolves have powerful instincts too and can sense when they are being misguided by someone they do not trust. We are prompted by our warning signals deep within that tell us we should trust our own intuition instead of relying on other medical professionals who seemingly keep missing ALL the warning signs of Lupus, leading us to an average of 7.5 years to get diagnosis… that’s crazy!  Thankfully my instincts proved better than the 10 GPS and specialised Rheumatologist I saw, who all tried to convince me I didn’t have Lupus! If that’s not good instincts that I don’t know what is?! And I didn’t even need a medical degree to conclude that diagnosis!! NEVER let a GP deter you away from your own instincts, you know your body better than they do.

We are also similar to wolves in our loyalty toward any other Lupus sufferer we come across. Whether we’ve reached out to people online or met them in a support group, we our all bound by Lupus and share an unspoken bond that unites us in our fears and troubles. We understand each other in a way that our families and friends cannot and we can share our experiences with one an other.


So today on World Lupus Day we will stand strong together and howl for justice for this cruel, disabling disease we are faced with! You will not own us Lupus, we will own YOU!


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