Wearing a name badge on your first day

Will inbetweeners

I’ve been re-writing the introduction of my first blog for the past half hour, trying and miserably failing, to get it to sound less like Will McKenzie’s first day of school, ‘My Name is Will, Stop Me And Say Hello!’ So without further a due here we go…

My name is Nadia and I’m still in the younger years of my twenties (just!). I’ve recently been diagnosed with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE), which in human language means my whacky immune system has decided that it would rather attack my organs and healthy tissue, as opposed to wasting it’s time combating my foreign invaders (i.e. illnesses) like it’s supposed to do (all fun and games I know!) Somewhere along the line my body decided to reprogram itself and with that GPs questioned my own sanity and tattooed anxiety across my head (not literally but you get the picture!)

I decided to start this blog because Lupus is currently classified as a rare chronic autoimmune disease, due to there only being a small population of us diagnosed worldwide, yay!… Meaning it is heavily under researched, urgh! Unfortunately it takes the average person approximately 7-10 years to be diagnosed, so I’m hoping that my blog with help raise awareness of Lupus and inspire those of you suffering in silence to speak up and know you are not alone! There may be no cure for Lupus, but fear not, we will continue to fight together!

What can you expect from my blog? Well I intend to be open and honest about my experiences of living with Lupus and the daily struggles I face. I’ll also be talking about other various aspects of my life including my obsession my four legged friends, planning our wedding next year, travel and other random stuff!







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